Raspberry Ketone + Chromium + Green Tea + Green Coffee

Rasp-Life promotes healthy weight management and Increase energy levels which supports metabolism.

Rasp-Life has Raspberry ketones which is primary chemical compounds that give raspberries their uniquely pleasant smell. Extracted from raspberries, ketones are phenolic, which means they represent a class of substances found naturally in plants. Raspberry ketones, members of a group of nutrients called polyphenols, have been used for years to flavour fizzy drinks, pudding, ice cream and other sweet treats.

Raspberry ketone is a member of the group of compounds known as polyphenols and has been used for many years as a natural flavour in the food industry. It is also known by the impressive chemical name 4-(4-Hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one and the much more fragrant name frambinone.

Benefits of Raspberry ketones
→ Raspberry ketones can give you an extra boost that supports shedding unwanted pounds.
→ Raspberry Ketone initiates a fast and improved weight loss process.
→ It can help you lose the most rigid belly fat easily.
→ Ketone will provide you a fresh flow of energy.