Pre & Probiotic Supplement

Probiotic-Life increases Digestive ability of GI tract maintains for healthy digestive system it helps maintaning healthy immune system.

Whether you've heard about them yet or not, Prebiotics and Probiotics are rapidly gaining scientific popularity as safe and effective agents that help regulate the body's micro-environment.

The word probiotic comes from the Greek word meaning "For Life." probiotics were first identified in 1953 to denote all organic and inorganic food complexes in contrast to harmful antibiotics.

The micro-environment of your body varies from place to place but is ideally made up of healthy microorganisms that not only thrive in a healthy ecosystem with us but are sometimes as beneficial to us as we are to them.

Why Life-On Probiotic-Life supplement?
→ Unique and rare formulation with Saccharomyses Boulardi.
→ Saccharomyses Boulardi is a most vital strain for Pre and Probiotic combination that you would not find in any other brands of Probiotics.
→ Decreases incidence of Acute Diarrhoea.
→ Lessens bowel movement frequency in irritable bowel syndrome patients.
→ Decreases diarrhoea as an anti-biotic side effect, assists in Anti-Inflammatory protection.